Free Caribbean Cruise - Myth of Reality

Have you ever seen a Free Caribbean Cruise to the Bahamas or other tropical Islands?

One of the longest running scam operations is the “Free Caribbean Cruise” scam, where you are told that you have been awarded an exciting cruise tour. If not completely “free of cost”, these “cruise agents” say that they can give you that wonderful Caribbean cruise getaway for a rock bottom cost.

To clarify : you cannot get a free cruise tour. Of course, there are singular cruise offers out there from reputed cruise agencies that may be free, but the better be careful before you sign-up.

The most regular Caribbean cruise fraudulent scams consist of the following:

The unknown Cruise Company

You are notified that you are won free Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas or The Cayman islands but you have to pay “charges” to get it. Then after you pay these charges, the “cruise agency”  phone line has been disconnected and there is no means for you to obtain your compensation.

A similar version of this cruise scam is telling you that you’ve been given a cruise reservation on a lavish Caribbean cruise vacation tour very cheaply, but this is only available for a “short period of time”. You are subsequently asked to pay a “booking fee” immediately and this is normally a quite big amount to assure your place. It’s just after payment that the “cruise agent” notifies you that your cruise package dates are not accessible or, in some time, will inform you that the cruise offer has already “terminated”. Then the “Cruise Agent” too goes into hiding, along with your money.

The Fake Cruise Discount Coupons

You pay for a cruise vacation card thinking it will make your Caribbean cruise a little more economical, but then you understand that the card holds so many constraints that you cannot receive the discounts. On the other hand if you do obtain a discount on your cruise, it’s merely removed from a “special cruise price” and as usual results in the same cost as all other people are paying for a regular cruise package.

Protect yourself

To avoid being the victim of a scam, never give your credit card details to a stranger either on the phone or online, check that the cruise company is genuine, and if the salesperson starts to be pushing you around, just say that you we’ll think about it.

If it’s too good to be true, it’s probably is.

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