Royal Caribbean Ships

Freedom of the SeasYour Royal Caribbean Cruise vacation experience depends not only on the destination but also the ship you choose.

Royal Caribbean has five ship classes:

  • Freedom Class
  • Voyager Class
  • Radiance Class
  • Vision Class
  • Sovereign Class

Freedom Class

Freedom class ships are the biggest ships Royal Caribbean has. It has very unique cruise facilities such as a surf and water parks, whirlpools, an Everlast boxing ring, and a rock-climbing wall.

Voyager Class

Voyager class ships are perfect for the sports enthusiasts with mini-golf courses, rock-climbing walls, and ice skating rinks.

Radiance Class

Radiance class ships is known for its unique design with open space balconies and glass walls making you feel closer to the sea than any other cruise ship.

Vision Class

Vision class ships are for those who want a great time on the sea with casinos, themed dining rooms, solariums, centrums, and mini-golf courses.

Sovereign Class

Last but not the least Sovereign class ships also offer great family fun with programs for ther kids and casinos and bars for the adults.

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